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The information you are about read has the potential to transform your financial life. Millions of people from all over the world are changing their financial situations from passive (a job: fixed salary, risky and bleak future) to active (Network Marketing: Unlimited Income Potential, write your own checks, money and time freedom).

  • Why are you here?

You may think that a dream job, a better job, a big raise or a change of career would set you up for life.  The reality is that even if you make a lot of money in a job, you will never have the time freedom to enjoy that money. A job means that you trade time for money, so your time freedom is compromised: you’ll spend a good 25 to 40 years of your life asking for permission to go on vacation, for personal days, emergency days off, etc. If you work for money and not love, then a job is the wrong vehicle. What you should be looking for is a better vehicle to achieve…

  • Financial Success 

Financial success for many people translates into free time and money to do what they please, travel whenever they want and buy the things they want or need.

  • Business Vehicle 

You see, to achieve financial success you need a business vehicle, business vehicle meaning what you do to earn a living or how you support your family. Let me give you an example:

  • Financial Success 

It takes 200% to be successful in business. 100% must come from the vehicle you use to make money. It’s simple. If you put in 100% into that vehicle, that vehicle should give you 100% back in results. That other 100% must come from you. I am pretty sure that you contribute your 100%: waking up early in the morning, doing your 8 hours and sometimes over time, attending meetings in your days off, putting up with things you don’t like or hate, etc. etc.  But maybe the vehicle you use can’t give you the results you seek. would-it-be-okay-to-retire...

  • Old Business Models

Let me ask you a question:


Would you drive any of these vehicles today?! We both know the answer to that question. Sometimes we get stuck in old business models because spent time in school, or became a professional in an industry and it seems impossible to break loose out of the industrial age model. Please allow me to show an infographic

  • Global Pyramid Scheme

PYRAMIDAs you already know, a pyramid scheme is a business model where there is no product or service being exchanged for money. This can also be a model where CEOs, presidents, general managers, managers, and supervisors keep you in financial slavery.

A CEO makes so much money simply because he leverages his time and efforts on the time and efforts of his entire organization. As production increases, so does his wealth, but the increased production doesn’t increase the wealth of the hardworking employees.

But this is the business model (vehicle) most people use to achieve financial success. Why?! Because we are brainwashed to do it through schooling and the illusory sense of progress: a career path. What’s insane is that the same people who ask you to work hard at school to become an employee, are the same ones who are  designing: software, robots, merging positions, promoting mergers and acquisitions and many other schemes to replace you.

This model is inefficient to give you financial fulfillment. This model is unfair and doesn’t have the capability to give you back 100% of the time, sweat and intellect you invest in it. Why not upgrade to a new business model?

  • New Business Model 

You can upgrade to a new business model. A more efficient business vehicle to get you financial success, residual income and freedom from financial worries.

  • A better business model

If you found a better business model to achieve financial success, would you take a closer look? Would you fill out the form below and allow us to show you how you could take your financial future into your own hands, and not put it back into the hands of an archaic business model.

  • Network Marketing

Direct Sales is what many people also call Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing. The easiest way to explain Network Marketing is with an example. When you go to your local supermarket and buy an apple, that apple didn’t just show up there. A farmer planted and harvested that apple, then middleman bought it from the  farmer, that middleman sold it to a local distributor who then sold it to the supermarket where you buy it.

All the people between the farmer and the supermarket are called middlemen. What Network Marketing does is that it eliminates the middlemen and brings the apple directly to the consumer’s home in a more efficient and economical way where you also make money. Another powerful aspect of Network Marketing is its duplication process. When you recruit people into your team, you are duplicating yourself into hundreds and even thousands of people because they will do what you do.

Selling products is not the way to riches in Network Marketing, duplication is, finding people who want to make more money and better their financial situation. Please understand that you would be only looking for people who are looking, people who want to better their lives. When you find these people, the business is easy, if you try to convince people who have no dreams to join your team, the business is very hard.


Why Network marketing? Network marketing is a more efficient, fair and financially satisfying business model. If you invest 100%, this model gives you 100% back. Simple. No more and no less. Also, In Network Marketing you work one time and you get paid over and over and over and over again. The reason this industry is so cool and powerful is because of the residual income model.

Can you say that of the old business model composed of the pyramid we saw previously? A pyramid we have been supporting for decades.  Networking marketing gives every person the platform and resources to be a CEO and help others become CEOs.

Dr. Charles King, Professor of the University of Illinois at Chicago has this to say about Network Marketing: The old employment model is breaking apart. Only the foolish or complacent refuse to see it and seize the opportunities to protect themselves and their families. Quote by, Dr Charles King who received his doctorate in business administration from Harvard University.

Strong Links Working Together Untitled

When you join network marketing, you join a community of people who want you to succeed personally and financially. This community’s success depends on your success. Can you say that of the community composed of CEOs, presidents, general managers, managers, supervisors or even your co-workers?  Probably not. Now let me ask you a question.

  • Would you open a business?

Would you open a business to sell products and services only to your friends and family? And if they decide not to buy from you, would you close down the business and lose all your money? Maybe not.

  • You Don’t have to Resell Products to Strangers on the Streets

Network marketing is a business of duplication. You duplicate yourself by finding and helping other people who want to improve their financial lives just like you. This is not about selling or reselling products on the streets, or to your friends and family, this is a career just like being a doctor or an engineer.

  • You Don’t have to Chase Your Friends and Family 

You don’t have to chase your friends and family, in fact, they will come asking you: what is it that you’re doing now? You look so different, what’s going on.

  • You Don’t Have to Chasing Strangers 

You don’t have to chase strangers either or harass them to join your business. Network Marketing is a business no different than a law firm, a clinic or a supermarket. There’s a business process to get leads, prospects and clients. You could be the most intelligent person on the planet and if the business vehicle you use to support yourself or your family works hard against you, it will be very hard to move forward.

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